That I've Worked On

Name Description Additional Resources A social media platform designed to make online interactions more positive. RainyDais Website
RainyDais Mobile A kotlin mobile app for the website Google Play Store
PieClicker (CopyPaste) A pie themed clicker game developed by kgsensei & CopyPaste Games with a fun artstyle. PieClicker Website
kgsensei analytics [v1 & v2] An analytics service developed for all of my websites. Collects performance information without invading upon users. N|A [Closed Source]
CefVPN An Open-Source VPN Software Providing organization. More information cannot be disclosed. CefVPN Organization
IanAI [Formerly RioAI] A custom developed voice controlled assistant. Written in multiple languages with four different major versions. N|A [Closed Source]
Blooket Hack One of the first Blooket Cheats published online and the longest running (unchanged) cheat. Source Code
NitroType Hack [v2] The second rendition of my NitroType cheat series. Great UI, Functional Code! Source Code
NitroType Hack [v1] A basic Python-Selenium based NitroType cheat, worked alright but was hard to set up. Source Code
Anonymous Extension A Chrome & Edge extension designed to block common analytic services and trackers online. Source Code, Website, Chrome Webstore, Edge Webstore
$25,000 Pyramid A UI/Control Panel model of $25,000 Dollar Pyramid custom designed for a company I did an internship for. Source Code
kgTV An Android TV App for movie and video streaming. Includes backend for media hosting & content updates. N|A [Closed Source]
kgRadio A small PWA build on the YouTube API to stream music based on a few keys (artist, genre, etc). N|A [Closed Source]
Project Architecture Builder Provides a nice looking drag-and-drop interface for planning project architecture, such as server configurations. Source Code Hack [v2] The second version of a cheat I developed. Much easier to use than the first. Source Code Hack [v1] A Python-Selenium based automation cheat for to do a bunch of tests in a row. Source Code
trans safety map A website that takes user input and maps countries ranked by their safety for transgender people. Trans Map Website, Source Code
AccessibilityPlus A Chrome/Edge extension designed to improve accessibility on websites for dyslexic and elderly people. AccessibilityPlus Website, Edge Webstore, Chrome Webstore
Hangman (CopyPaste) A hangman clone developed by kgsensei & CopyPaste Games. Hangman Website
Number Game A digital clone of the common party game. Number Game Website
kgjslib [kgsensei-JavaScript-Library] A custom JavaScript library I use in most of my websites. Makes development a lot easier and faster by adding important and commonly used functions. Source Code
simple.js A custom JavaScript library created to speed up development of my websites. This is the second version of the kgsensei JavaScript Library. Source Code
XCrypt A lightweight encryption library in Python. Very basic but very functional. Source Code, Python Package Index Page
C# Backdoor An easy-to-use client/server backdoor developed in C#. Gives an attacker full console access to a target machine. Source Code
Automated Investment Manager A small investment AI being developed by a small team I'm on. N|A [Closed Source]
Dangerous Files Collection A GitHub repository with a bunch of small Python projects. Most of them are moderately malicious, use at your own risk. Source Code
PHP IP Grabber A very small PHP IP Address grabber I made a long time ago. Source Code
VBS Keylogger A Visual Basic Script keylogger that makes use of Excel Macros to detect keystrokes. Source Code
VBS Backdoor A Visual Basic Script backdoor that responds to a PHP server containing console commands. Source Code
MarioHTML5Hacked One of the very first HTML, JS, CSS projects I worked on. Took a game and added cheat options for it. Source Code
Hatsa Framework A small Python Framework designed for serving (almost) static files. Source Code
kgisadev [AKA] My personal website. Hosts some games, tech support guides, information on my projects & skills, and some secret login pages. Source Code, Website support A tiny section of the website dedicated to helping people with my projects. Source Code, Support Website
Social Scroller An indefinite scroller style social platform for pictures. Developed mostly for mobile use. N|A [Closed Source]
BedScript A custom language developed for personal use for quick projects that just need to get done. "I'm coding in bed, in bed!" N|A [Closed Source]
Discord Integrated Moderation A system to scan uploaded content for specific keywords or image content and report it to a Discord server using WebHooks. N|A [Closed Source]
Physics Playground (CopyPaste) A small browser-based physics sandbox. Project discontinued because it wasn't fun and performed badly. N|A [Closed Source]
Home Control System Mobile App developed to monitor and control IoT devices inside my house, all from the click of a button. N|A [Closed Source]
JustBrowser A custom browser. Project discontinued. N|A [Closed Source]
"Aimer" Project to use parsed screen data to detect changes in pixel location and move to that location & click. Project discontinued. N|A [Closed Source]
Automated Action Discord Bot Used a special client of Discord to infiltrate servers with administrator. Bot owner can manually modify any compromised server settings, ban/kick/timeout members, etc. N|A [Closed Source]
KGPE A small photo editor. Project discontinued. N|A [Closed Source]
WinDistractions A commission project, designed to fake windows problems to get out of school. Was never paid, therefore project died. N|A [Closed Source]
Financial Viewer A personal project that graphs information on taxes, debt, spending, and saving. Project discontinued. N|A [Closed Source]
Rock, Paper, Scissors Cheat A program to hack into other files and figure out attempted move then play the winning move aginst it. N|A [Closed Source]
MaddiesGame The recreation of my friends game, mostly to show off. Never finished it. N|A [Closed Source]
jsin-engine A JavaScript game engine, similar to the Unreal Engine. Project discontinued. N|A [Closed Source]
DataLocker A C++ project to encrypt and decrypt data while preventing encryption off of the original machine. Project discontinued. N|A [Closed Source]
Discord Nuker Bot A Node.JS Discord bot that detects and deletes all roles, text channels, and voice channels from a Discord server and bans all the users. N|A [Closed Source]
Why would I open source this?
NLP Generation AI Tests A natural language processing AI model designed to replicate input data, trained on Twitter data, AI became racist, didn't publish, duh. N|A [Closed Source]
WebFishdom A very basic web clone of the mobile game Fishdom. I don't really know why I made this. Source Code